From The Hill Of HALC
‡Z@The presentation against the@devaluation of nursing care compensation
1.The Japanese government shows the two following heads in the reason of the devaluation of in nursing care compensation,2015(as a target to intensive-care old peoplefs home,exclusively).

‡@@internal reserves
‡A [Intensive-care old peoplefs home] makes more profits than small and medium-sized businesses.

The base of such expression(deep deception) is the economic policy in [Abenomikus].
[The first arrow(monetary easing), the second arrow( financial policy), to be continued for the third arrow(growth strategy) and [neo growth strategy] of the main point has been pronounced. They intend to remove the official restrictions of medical care, intensive care for the elderly, childcare,labor, education and agriculture and still more are willing to advance to sell the public services in a rout. The advance guard is national strategic special economic zone. Abe Shinzo by himself boasts that in spite of the bed rock regulation it must be hardly injured by his drill and still more labels[vested interests] or [bed rock regulation] to the originally fair rights or public benefits. It is the role of media to show up the dismantling.](SEKAI August 2014)

That is, Abe Shinzo maneuvers to advance the third arrow forcibly at the beginning.
He puts the both of intensive-care old peoplefs home and small and medium-sized businesses on the same ring and intends to maneuver to separate intensive care old peoplefs home from elderly welfare as social security system.
Then, I will point out the deception of the reasons for the devaluation of nursing care compensation about the two above-mentioned issues.

[Internal reserves]
The capital accumulation, the remainder that has deducted tax, a dividend, directorfs bonus and etc. from the current net income. The sum total of this internal reserve and a fund capital, legal capital surplus is shareholderfs equity capital stock. The higher the ratio in total capital, the more the company is stable. (Economic new wordsf dictionary, 2000, Nihon Keizai Shinbun,).

According to the definition, [internal reserve] can be applied a profit company, but it seems an unquestionable mistake to conclude as if nonprofit social welfare service corporation made a profit about the reserve deposit for stability of management.

[Intensive-care old peoplefs home]
It is an institution(for old people over 65 years and need nursing care) that was systematized by elderly welfare law 1963 and is managed by social welfare corporation.

[Social welfare corporation]
It is a juridical(legal) person founded by Social Welfare Work Act(1951, Law 45) in order to conduct social work(Article 22) Social welfare corporation is a special person@is that has much more utility than a public-service corporation. The management is stable and must be needed to prepare a base in order to achieve the object of the foundation. It must prepare assets needed in order to conduct the social work of purpose( Article 24).(The Lexicon of Modern Welfares)

According to the definition, it is obvious mistake to compare intensive care old peoplefs home with small and medium-sized business on the same ring in the legal view point.

2.Why will social welfare be inferior, dwarfish and retrograde ? It is because of international economic globalism, market fundamentalism basically, more over
neo-liberalism and neo-conservatism politically. [Modern economics is different from Keynesf economics or Marx. They forget the starting point of economics and use their way of thinking to accommodate to the present political power. The basis is market fundamentalism. The best objective in their lives is to make a profit. They ignore the way of thinking ethically, socially, with culture and human aspect. Such way of thinking has become big flow since Fridman.] [The economics of crime / it thinks that he compares a pleasant feeling in killing somebody with a pain in being arrested and capital punishment and if it were more pleasant for him to kill, he would kill, if it were penalty, it would not kill. It is awful thinking. However,we must never forget that the extreme and devil thinking goes through the basis of market fundamentalism.] (Uzawa Hirohumi)

3.The essence of finance capitalism and venture capitalism will overtake only a profit as the result. The gap between the rich and the poor has been spread in the society. [ABENOMIKUS] puts the priority of a finance profit, calling monetary easing and devaluate a corporation tax for priority of interest leading company, calling a financial policy.

4.Market fundamentalism has reached to the field of medical care, intensive care for the elderly, child care, labor and education. Nursing care Insurance Act enforced in 2000 brings nursing care business in priority of a profit and they have rapidly increased in number. On the other hand , they conspire with administration and abuse the Daily Life Security Act and the daily life security expenditure has been spent for funds of housing for the elderly with service or vicious profit housing for the elderly.

5.According to Nursing Care Insurance Act, nursing care becomes market fundamentalism.
The management is streamlined and efficient. As the result, restructure, part-timer,a cut of personal expenses, out sourcing has been conducted. Since that, an insufficiency of nursing care staff becomes social problem. If nursing care business of market fundamentalism has been continued, many nursing care business companies
or social welfare intensive care old peoplesf homes may go bankrupt.

6.Wholesome of care work
Intensive care old peoplesf homes or nursing care business must try to be wholesome of the working environment.
The wholesome of working environment,
‡@ To make a fair allowance system
‡A Salary to pay according to the monetary(currency) value and a living standard and the work.
‡BTo arrange enough stuff to take care ,nursing and service.
‡CTo raise a spiritual value of the work for human being and to be proud of the job.
According to such view point, A member of staff is mainly full-time staff and without Out saucing in any section.

7.In the present system, the management of care nursing institutions for the elderly depends on nursing care compensation from the insurance.
It has been 15years since Long term care Insurance Act started.
The compensation has been reduced every year and this year (2015) it seems to be reduced sharply, therefore the salary has becomes lower level. The care work is opposite to market fundamentalism. If it were a means to seek profit , both of clients and workers could not find the living value. The government must supply enough nursing care compensation to live. Number 6 shows the grounds to add up.

8.At the last I must say. There are the socially vulnerable in any society, the poor, low incomes, the handicapped, the ill , the child, the elderly. We can not anticipate when such a crisis visit us, therefore we must cope with a situation in social responsibility. However [ABENOMIKUS] exclusive devotion to the interests of market fundamentalism exclude them f-out of economic policy. Such corrupt politics should never be forgiven whatever.