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X@SHINSEIKAI and the volunteer activity
The field-work education program of the central theological collage in Tokyo
I began to work as a social worker at Shinseikai with great hope in 1974.
Shinseikai had accepted the seminarian who studied at the central theological collage,as the field of field-work education program since one year before. The three seminarians had practical training for three weeks in summer time, 1974. Mr. Shuich Sugiyama, one of the seminarians (at present the president of pool womenfs collage in Osaka) experienced the passionate communications with the residents and staff members of Shinseikai during the practical training. He did not forget the experience after the practice. He took action to start volunteer work for Shinseikai. It was named [Human School] at the first. After that, it was organized as [VAC] (Volunteer Assembly Camp). The volunteer members visited Shinseikai and worked for a week twice one year, summer time and winter time. After they had continued the volunteer work for 20 years, they dissolved the group according to Sugiyamafs intention. However, the volunteer spirit which was planted by [VAC] at Shinseikai, has been succeeded to a variety of volunteer groups.

The summer, 2013
At the first this summer, The secondary school of Rikkyo womenfs collage, after that, Rikkyo conserned, Tamagawa sei gakuen, A union of Kanto Christian schools, Tokyo medical and dental university, Kyoai gakuen, Nijima gakuen, and Josai kokusai university visited Shinseikai and worked as volunteers for several days. The work camp of Doshisha womenfs collage in Kyoto has reached to the 21st work camp. They visited Shinseikai from 2~8 September in 2013.
What do they learn at Shinseikai ? In a word, it is [the contact and sympathy with other personfs souls]. The shinseikiai volunteers talk about introduction and impression themselves, one by one at the early morning meeting. Even though they visit only for three days, their expressions are vivid and bright. They experience the things that they can not experience at school and feel grown up by themselves through their volunteer works.

One by one, Each personality
According to the encounter with young persons, I feel that in spite of their good gifts from God, they loose sight of their good gift because of being influenced by the education leaned to forms and numerical values. The greatest gift that is given by Shinseikai through the volunteer works, it is for them to find their good gifts from God. When they go back home, they are full of joy and energy. When I meet such joyful young people, I wish to send my passionate yell. I really send it. If they (one by one) use their individualities and contribute them to society, liveliness will come back to our society and smiles will be increased to society.
Shinseikai decide again to fulfill practice of volunteer activities as a motto [May the youth full of conscience hope to be active] ( Jo Nijima).