From The Hill Of HALC
W@Growing community and Growing persons
The 56th anniversary of SHINSEIKAI
We celebrated the 56th anniversary of Shinseikai on the 30th of July 2013.
Shinseikai used to commend the staff in proportion to the length service, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30 years. This year, Full time staffs : 5 years\X persons, 10 years\10 persons, 15 years\4 persons, 20 years\7 persons, 25 years\7 persons, 30 years\2 persons.
Part timer staffs: 5 years\2 persons, 10 years\5 persons. They are all 46 persons. There are more persons this year than usually, but there are every year more than 30. The persons of 30 years continuative service are commended six times during the period of onefs service. The meaning of the commendation is the thanks to their sincere works and the encouragement to grow as a human being.

Growing community
When I accepted the social mission as the chairman of Shinseikai, I put the aim of growing community. I think it is important for us to bury gour soulh in the foundation and to involve glifeh in the core, so that we would continue growing community. We intend to be vividly active community listening to the God. We have to have our visions for it. There is the Bible words g Your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams.h It is gvisionsh for young men to see. We, Shinseikai, have the consistent Vision and everyday renewal visions.

Growing persons
It is the most existentially important for us to grow up as a person, not to be self conceited of the position and the income. The person will grow spiritually with oneself visions, as the growing community that has buried their spirit and visions.
The people who live in supreme economic society, that is, in the present to be all estimated by numbers, are very much going to loose mind language (spiritual words). We are loosing our freedom to cultivate visions as the spiritual sense of values. The sense of spirit is polluted by numbers. Even if the community has the extremely wonderful visions, unless the community members have each self vision, we would not be able to have a thing jointly of visions as growing up community.
I think, it is that we continue to gaze upon gthe eternal farawayh in order to grow up as one person. What will see you upon the eternal faraway ? It is depends on your sense.
Unless you loose your eternal faraway , you would go ahead to grow up.