From The Hill Of HALC
V Our Expecting vision and Eros
We proposed a few years ago to renew the pamphlet suitable for Shinseikai.
As the result of competition among five companies, Bunkakikaku,an comprehensive advertising agency took the job. While we were discussing about the concept and the design, we decided to ask Yuji Kobayashi, a painter to draw the illustrations for the pamphlet. I feel Eros at the basic of Yuji Kobayashifs pictures. It is Eros including joy and sadness of a human beingfs soul.
We, Shinseikai practice our daily works founded on the idea of art and creativity. There is love, beauty on the dynamics growing from daily human relations in social work or care work. It has been cultivated by harmony with the surrounding nature environments. It becomes a duet, a trio, and a symphony of generous human relations.
As nature changes every day and every moment, we spin day by day that never comes back twice. Yuji Kobayashi drew the pictures of various scenes being played in Shinseikaifs stages.

[Shinseikai HALC Hills, Pamphlet renewal commemorative event] was held on the 26th of May, 2013. At that chance, Shinseikai has start to greet the redecorated new times.
Shinseikai has been 56 years since the foundation. At the present, over 320 staffs work in Shinseikai. Everyone engages in each role vividly and with a sense of mission.

I think, we have expecting vision jointly with our residents and proceed to step by step still more as the hearty community.
Since the accident in Fukushima nuclear power plant, It has felt keenly important for me to live with nature and life. We have been proceeding for a new stage in order to practice the ideas.

Thank you so much for Tetsu Saitoh, a musician, Junichi Hirota, a stage director and an actor, Jin Matsushita, an actor, Fumie Hamakawa, an actress who came on the stage of our event.
I should pray that we one by one will develop each expecting vision !