From The Hill Of HALC
U To grow old beautifully, creatively, vividly
When you feel anxious about living alone, you might think to move into a senior house where you are able to live peacefully. It would be difficult for you to leave yourself house and move into a new house. You might lose the opportunity to move during hesitating. When you feel anxious, you had better decide to move in order to fulfill your life with pride as man. Then, what kind of senior houses do you choose ? It would be different depends on your health or economy.
Shinseikai would provide a variety of senior houses according to your health and economy.

Full-fee care home [ Shinseinosono]
Shinseinosono was established as the philosophy of artistic life, artistic care and the harmony between privacy and communication. The aim of management has been that every resident is surrounded by architectural living environment full of art and care staves are taking care of everybody according to his(her) condition. There are single rooms living peacefully and valuable common spaces in order to create open human relations.

Full-fee mature home [Onwanosono]
Full-fee animal companion home [Sakuranosono]
When we opened Shinseinosono, the couples who had left their cat called Han moved into Shinseinosono and the wife missed Han very much. She went to Yokohama looking for Han a few times.
Therefore, when Onwanosono was established, Mr. Masao Hara, the late President established Sakuranosono where the residents could live with their pets, attached to Onwanosono. Onwanosono was graded up the philosophy more than Shinseinosono in living and caring environment.

Full-fee residential facility for healthy people and full-fee homes for unhealthy people
There are Mary house, full-fee residential facility and Shinseinosono and Onwanosono, full-fee care homes at Shinseikai. Shinseinosono and Onwanosono were established according to the demand of the residents in Mary House. The persons would be able to choose whichever they like better.

Which do you choose?
It will accord to your choice. I should think as follows. For such persons as feel anxious about their health or prefer to move one time rather than two times, I would recommend Shinseinosono or Onwanosono. The other, I would recommend Mary House for healthy persons physically and mentally. Such persons had better choose active life.

Low-cost senior house and low-cost nursing home
Although you expect to make a plan of your lives after retirement, it might happen in case that will not proceed as planned. Unless you continue to live at full-fee senior houses, you could move into low-cost senior houses or special nursing home in Shinseikai. The low-cost senior houses are for physically and mentally independent persons. The low-cost special nursing homes are for the sick elderly. As we suppose such cases, the architectural environments as artistic as full- fee senior houses are prepared.

To grow old beautifully, creatively, and vividly
The vision of [Shinsikai, HALC Hills] is Human, Art, Life, and Care. We hope that the residents in Shinseikai will grow old beautifully, creatively, vividly. We are concerned about architectural and mental environment. It is important for us to have fresh mind. We would be able to have fresh mind with friendly human relations. You would be brought up with artistic and nature living environment changing each seasons, spring, summer, autumn, and winter.