From The Hill Of HALC
‡T The deepening SHINSEIKAI
œ A new expression
It has passed two years since the greatest earthquake in east Japan, 3/11,2011 that persuaded every one in Japan to reflect radically. Since that, I lost my expression and my mind was depressed because of the surprise and the shock. It was the end of 2012 that I began to recover from the depression gradually. Because my two precious step brothers and several friends were called by Heaven one after another.
I deepened my sense of loss, but I intended to have to live with hope. Dying everyone lived naturally and creatively until the moment when they were called by Heaven. At that time, I thought to survive for future with their power, although I was not sure any time to be called by God. Moreover I thought we encountered the turning point of our civilization, therefore we shouldered the responsibility to create a new expression(a sense of value). My mind moving again, decided would be creating our social environment in which one by one lived vividly and creatively.

œVividly and Creatively
The modern times are the period of evolution and advance in the scientific civilization. While we live in full of science, we have been prior to the benefit of it, because of the facility and our humanity has been much poorer. As the result, we have lost a real feeling of pleasure living vividly and creatively as a human being.
It is the terrible situation. What is it for us to have to begin in order to take back our vivid and creative lives ? It would not be so difficult. I should think it will be begun by every one attitude one by one.

œC S C ( Care Share Culture )
Our vivid approaches and joyful lives will be born from human relationships mostly.
A human being is grown up through the encounter, communication and dialogue with another person. The mind taking care of another will be brought up by them.
They are [Culture] and [Care]. What has been lost in market mechanisms, it is exactly [Share].
SHINSEIKAI has started with new decision in 2013. The idea is [C S C].
SHINSEIKAI will send our message of vividness and creativity.
This article is a renewal of once a month. I am expecting your voices.

April, 2013