From The Hill Of HALC
Y@Medical Care and Well being in Shinseikai
Do you know there is Shinseikai Clinic at Shinseikai ?
Shinseikai was established as a social welfare foundation for the elderly in1957.
Social welfare and medical care(treatment) are one and indivisible.
Shinseikai Clinic was approved as a medical institution specified by national insurance in 1980 so that the residents of Shinseikai would live out their natural life span. It was built as an octagonal and tasteful building in 1993. Mr. Mamoru Hara, the medical doctor was the first director. He did not only lead but practice all-round medical care which Shinseikai aimed, until he fell down owe to the cerebellum infarction disease.
The root of medical treatment and well being service tend toward economic priority under the national government. In spite of such as economic situations in a medical treatment, Doctor Hara carried out his medical care based humanity, sometimes worried. When he became ill and left the role, we found a suitable person to take over the management of Shinseikai Clinic. We, however, all too soon tended to loose the medical philosophy and vision. I am responsible for it. The medical doctor who replaced Dr. Mamoru Hara in his post, left Shinseikai Clinic in March, 2011 because of his familyfs convenience. After that, we faced the various medical problems in Japanese society.

We should confirm the starting point of Shinseikai Clinic just now and have to enrich the content as medical service facilities that our residents need.
Although the present medical situations in Japan tend toward market mechanism, Shinseikai Clinic will establish well-rounded medical services. Almost clients of Shinseikai are the elderly.
[ We are grateful you have decided to spend your twilight years, living at a Shinseikai home. As long as you wish stay here, we will care for you until the end.]
It is the promise between our residents and us(Shinseikai). Shinseikai Clinic was built in order to be realized the promise.

I again wish to restore our medical service founded human love that we have lost sight of. I should think it will be the April in 2014, the time for us to make a fresh.

We, Shinseikai, want a full time medical doctor and afew full time physical therapists who are interested in the medical service(treatment) for the elderly and intend to humanistic medical care.
I would expect to encounter a medical doctor and a physical therapist who approve of our human medical service and work with us.
I may pray sincerely to meet the medical staffs who come to grips with establishing and practicing of our medical service and welfare founded [ Human Art Life Care ] in Shinseikai HALC Hills.